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Low-Doc for Self-Employers, Up to $2M in loan size


Large Loan Size and Simple Low-Interest Rate for Self-Employed Persons

Only provide accountant's letter issued by an accountant where indicates the lender is able to pay the mortgage;

No Quarterly Business Activity Statements (BAS) are required;

No tax bills are required


For a single property, the loan size up to $2 M; the loan period is 30 years

Requirements: The company's ABN registration history is more than two years


Resident Property Roan, Principle + interest

   Up to 60% LVR, interest rate: 6.99%;
   Up to 80% LVR, interest rate :7.14%;


Investment Property Roan, Principle + interest

    Up to 60% LVR,interest rate :7.34%;
    Up to 80% LVR,interest rate :7.49%;


Invest Property Roan, interest only

    Up to 60% LVR, interest rate :7.64%;
    Up to 80% LVR, interest rate :7.79%;


This Low Doc fund product does not charge any risk fees. The applicant only needs to pay the property valuation fee in advance, limited application fees, and legal fees,  All charges in total generally are not exceeding $1000 apart from property valuation fees.